inovision offers different types of professional coaching to address your specific requirements:

Executive Coaching,  Personal and professional coaching; Business Coaching,  Business input and knowledge coaching
  • Executive Coaching
    This is for individuals who hold senior management or executive level responsibilities within their business and who wish to express their full potential and enhance their leadership impact.
  • Business Coaching
    This is for individuals or teams who require a coach or advisor with business experience to help them navigate the business environment more effectively and develop specific business skills knowledge.

If you are committed to excellence for yourself or your people, and are interested in personal development and professional improvement, we work in supporting you to achieve this.

Our inovision coaches have had many years of executive and business experiences they can draw on in assisting you with coaching services.


> What is coaching

  • Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship and conversation between you and your coach which helps you produce the results you want in your career, business or organisation.
  • It is based on your chosen goals and objectives, where the coaching environment is designed to build your internal capacity to meet these goals.
  • It uses inquiry, reflection, observations and dialogue to help you identify your desired goals and develop strategies and action plans to achieve them.
  • It provides a safe place for you to express yourself and to be held accountable to yourself for your plans and actions.
  • You are responsible for your own achievements and success. The coach assists you in gaining greater clarity, focus, awareness of choice and motivation for action. A coach may also provide specific insights and skills to empower you to move rapidly towards achieving your goals.

Why coaching?

Coaching is "a focused conversation that facilitates learning and raises performance at work."