leadership development

Our aim is to help you strengthen the leadership within your organisation and achieve sustainable business success.

We believe that leadership development is a dynamic, process of discovering and stretching one's inner potential and capabilities. Hence our leadership programs are based on the real-time, action-learning process, through a cycle of:

  • Reflective dialogue, self-observations and 360o feedback
  • Applying one's learnings back in the workplace; and
  • Reflecting on application of learning, self-awareness and recalibrating behavior choices

> Our process

The refection and learning process is carried out in a group of leaders as well as follow up sessions of small coaching circles of two to three people.

Understanding that each organisation has diverse needs, we design tailored leadership development programs that align with your organisation's requirements to meet the business outcomes you want.

These programs are developed around your existing leadership framework. If this is undefined or currently not in place, inovision can assist you with the development of a leadership framework or brand based on your unique culture and business environment.

Effective leadership development

Effective Leadership is critical in the success of any business. Yet, many businesses fail to put the amount of effort or energy into this area that is actually needed.

Although some people may have innate talents towards great leadership, generally people do not magically acquire or exhibit leadership skills. Leadership skills are learnt and developed through conscious and focused self-awareness and self management efforts.