management development

Whatever your needs may be, inovision can help you shape highly effective managers in your organisation for now and into the future.


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inovision can provide you with 2 approaches:

1. Standard Management Development Program; 2. Custom-designed Management Development Program

1. Standard Management Development Program (MDP)

This has been delivered in various organisations internationally and can be tailored to your specific business needs.
MDP covers key theoretical concepts and practices for managers and also includes a range of practical and role-play activities and reflective discussions.
It can be adapted to align with your specific business outcomes. It is suitable for people already in management roles or those who are preparing to move into a management position.

To read more about our Management Development Program, please download the brochure.

2. Custom-designed Management Development Program

This is developed solely and specifically to your business needs and the management competencies and culture you wish to develop in your organisation.

For our customised programs we spend time with you to understand your desired business outcomes and work in partnership with you to create an innovative and appropriate development program.
These can be developed based on your internal learning approaches, competency frameworks, cultural values and norms you wish to integrate into your management training. We can also help you develop relevant learning approaches and management frameworks if this is desired.

Effective management development

The effectiveness of management is recognised as one of the determinants of organisational success. Therefore, investment in management development can have a direct economic benefit to your organisation.