inovision offers facilitation across a varied number of strategic initiatives, working with clients to meet their specific requirements in the areas they wish to address.

Over the past 20 years, inovision has successfully facilitated strategic planning processes for the following:

  • Organisation-wide strategic planning
  • Business unit planning
  • Merger & Acquisition planning
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Culture change
  • Workforce planning

We also facilitate the cascading of your organisation-wide strategic plans into business unit and department level plans.


> Strategic planning and implementation

We offer 2 approaches to address your strategic planning and implementation requirements:

Strategy strategic planning and implementation, Team effectiveness collaborative team processes, Culture and values organisational culture and value systems

1. StrategyConnectTM

inovision is a licenced delivery partner of Waterfield's StrategyConnectTM process, a recognised and extensively used methodology, both internationally and across Australia's leading organisations.

Designed and developed by Waterfield, StrategyConnectTM is a rapid strategy development and implementation process that delivers a simple one page strategic plan for your organisation. The successful implementation of your strategic plan is further supported by an online application that helps you easily track progress and hold accountability for delivery.

The StrategyConnectTM process also sets up an action-learning cycle so that your organisation can rapidly adapt to an ever-changing environment. The process galvanises your organisation around acting and learning quickly.

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2. Customised design

inovision will develop and tailor a strategy process to help you achieve your specific strategic imperatives. We design unique facilitated processes that distinctly meet your organisation's needs, for any planning activity that requires collective input, collaboration and stakeholder buy-in.

In the case of a major acquisition, your strategic outcome might be the integration of the acquired and current business. We work with you to design a process, which assists all relevant stakeholders to develop a shared vision of the 'merged organisation' as well as the action plan to get there.

We have vast experience in designing and facilitated collaborative planning processes across a number of organisational change initiatives.

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Action your strategic planning...

We are a licenced delivery partner of Waterfield's process, StrategyConnectTM.

Many planning processes fail to deliver results because they end up in the bottom drawer.

StrategyConnectTM uniquely combines strategy development and strategy execution to ensure that your strategic plan is actioned. It provides a highly effective approach to both visualising and acting on creating your organisation's future.