team effectiveness

We develop highly effective teams that productively work together to accomplish higher-order goals. Through our structured, facilitated processes we can rapidly and effectively harness a team's potential to achieve exceptional business outcomes.

Some examples of team effectiveness processes we have facilitated for our clients over the past 20 years include:

  • Team goals and action plans
  • Team performance and KPI's
  • Team-based performance reviews
  • Team conflict resolution
  • Team building

> Overcoming team setbacks

No matter what setback your team is experiencing, we are able to facilitate a collaborative process to enable clarity and cohesion, and help you build a high performing team.

Common setbacks we successfully work to overcome include;

  • The outcome or goal itself is unclear
  • There is no alignment amongst the team
  • A lack of buy-in exists where the team is heading
  • Clarity is lacking in how to implement and achieve it

The aim is to form a cohesive unit, one that achieves more together than is possible as individuals. We work with your teams to create clear roles, responsibilities and expectations, while setting clear outcomes towards specific actions, encouraging constructive feedback on performance.


> Our process

inovision designs processes that specifically meet the needs of the relevant team interventions you require. Our approach is based on a three-stage process, which has evolved from behavioral psychology research.

To find out more about what our process involves, simply download pdf.

What makes an effective team?

The idea behind team effectiveness is that a group of people working together can achieve much more than if the individuals of the team were working on their own.

In today's "information age" no one individual has all the knowledge or expertise that is required to achieve successful business outcomes. Now more than ever individuals need to operate effectively within a team context, often being a member of a number of teams within an organisation.

Business success depends essentially on the effectiveness of teams.