inovision is skilled in providing facilitation services to all types of organisations. We do not pretend to understand your business better than you. How we add value is to design and facilitate conversations that crystalise the collective intelligence of your group, harness the group's energy and set it to work on agreed outcomes.

We specialise in facilitating collaborative group conversations around:

Strategy strategic planning and implementation, Team effectiveness collaborative team processes, Culture and values organisational culture and value systems


> Why facilitation

Facilitation may be beneficial to you if..

  • You are a business owner or director who is looking to engage your top team in:
    - Developing your business vision, values and/or strategic objectives
    - Bainstorming solutions and strategies for your business.
  • You are a manager or team leader wanting to involve your team in collaborative discussions around your team responsibilities, goals and KPI's.
  • Your organisation needs to improve its overall business performance and you recognise that. facilitated dialogue within teams or between people is an effective way of achieving this
  • You need to address changing roles and performance expectations within teams and in an organisation undergoing organisational change.
  • You have underperforming teams or team with the potential to perform more effectively

What is Facilitation?

Groups are typically more complex than we think they are.

Effective facilitation works with the complex dynamics within a group and helps the group tap into the synergy available to get the results they want.

An effective facilitator enables a group to reach an agreed outcome for which they will take responsibility and to which they are fully committed.

Successfully facilitated groups produce higher quality work.